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Discover a sacred space where Jewish meditation meets Eastern wisdom, fostering personal transformation and healing in a supportive community led by Rabbi Yoel Glick.

  • Guided Spiritual Transformation
  • Community Connection
  • Holistic Meditation Practices

We Seek Seekers, Not Subscribers

Members of the Da'at Elyon community share moments that matter with one another. We study together, meditate together, and God willing, will soon give each other the hugs we've been missing. Our intentions, our emotions, and our dedication to seeking the Divine Presence energize Da'at Elyon and one another; each week, every day, everyone matters.

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1. Deep Meditation Techniques:

Explore transformative meditation methods.
Embrace stillness, discover inner peace.

2. Kabbalistic Wisdom Unveiled:

Unlock secrets of Kabbalah's profound teachings.
Dive into the spiritual structure of the universe.

3. Community of Seekers:

Connect with like-minded individuals.
Share experiences, joys, and spiritual strivings.

4. Personal Guidance from Rabbi Glick:

Benefit from five decades of spiritual journey.
Receive personalized support and insights.


Recorded Classes:

Dive into a library of transformative teachings.

Twice-Weekly Meditation:

Foster a regular meditation practice for inner peace.

Vibrant Community Participation:

Engage with like-minded seekers for mutual growth.

Discounted Live Classes:

Join interactive sessions with Rabbi Glick.

Pastoral Consultations:

Receive personalized spiritual guidance from Rabbi Glick.

Some Reviews:

Adir, IL, USA

"The meditations stick with me, and get me through the week."


Chinabear, CA

"Studying with Rabbi Yoel in the Sunday live webinars and meditating regularly with the group on Mondays and Thursdays have become the grounding forces of my day-to-day life.  Da'at Elyon provides a safe, loving and non-judgmental environment to be myself, and at the same time deepen my spiritual growth."

Robert, TX, USA

"I love my physical congregation. It's been a beautiful home for me and my family for 40 years.  But Judaism always has something more to offer -- more wisdom, more spirituality, more conversation from the heart.  This is what I have found with Rav Yoel. There's nothing like it in the Jewish world."


About Da'at Elyon

Discover the transformative embrace of Da'at Elyon, where the union of Higher Knowledge and spiritual community unfolds.

At Da'at Elyon, we extend beyond being merely a group—we are a nurturing Place and comforting Home, both dedicated to guiding your profound spiritual journey. Within our sacred space, you'll find opportunities to share, meditate, and uncover the depths of your being.

Our tailored courses and wisdom, flexible to your schedule, invite you to join us on a journey of transformation and connection. Immerse yourself in the enriching embrace of Da'at Elyon.




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  • Recorded classes
  • Twice-weekly meditation, Instant community access
  • Discounted live classes and pastoral consultations

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Meditate, learn in live classes, and transform spiritually.

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