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We provide resources for Personal Transformation that give depth and breadth to your spiritual journey

  • 128 spiritual teachings on key topics in the spiritual life
  • 2 live guided meditations every week led by Rav Yoel 
  • Live weekly webinars on a wide range of spiritual subjects
  • 240 hours of recorded courses on spiritual wisdom and personal transformation  
  • An active international community of like-minded peers

Our Timeless Tools of Transformation and Growth

Our Timeless Tools of Transformation and Growth


Illumination through meditation, chants, prayer, and contemplation

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Ancient Wisdom

Kabbalah: Understanding the paths the Jewish mystics discovered

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A global community seeking a better world through personal transformation

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The insight of a teacher who has studied transformation for five decades

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Meet like-minded people and gain personal insight, even if meditation isn't your thing. 


If you are a newbie—a total beginner, you can still come meditate, study, and just 'be' with us. Da'at Elyon is about growing, sharing, deepening, and connecting. Learn some new ideas, experience some innovative spiritual practices, meet some interesting people, and touch some profound places within your own being.

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Membership means community

When you become a member of Da'at Elyon, you receive access to twice-weekly guided meditations, a library of courses on Kabbalah, and full participation in online community activities. Members receive discounted access to live classes, retreats, and consultation with Rav Glick.



Opens all doors

  • Twice-weekly guided meditation
  • Recorded classes
  • Spiritual community
  • Discounts on live classes & coaching
  • Initial consultation with Rav Glick
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"People are broken, so it's no surprise the world is broken. We cannot transform the world without first transforming ourselves.  It's my honor to help those on this sacred journey."


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Robert, TX, USA

"This is unique in the Jewish world."

Hani, Israel

"Israel itself elevates the spirit. Da'at Elyon guides it to a wonderful place."

Val, Idaho, USA

"I've searched many places. Da'at Elyon is a truly spiritual place."

Michelle, CA, USA

"As much as COVID kept me isolated, Da'at Elyon kept me connected."

Adir, IL, USA

"The meditations stick with me, and get me through the week."

Anne, Canada

"Da'at Elyon facilitates personal transformation. Rav Yoel's teachings are inspirational."

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