Kabbalah: Understanding the Paths Our Ancestors Left for Us

Kabbalah is our roadmap as we journey inside. We follow its direction to transform ourselves and approach the Divine. 

What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is the wisdom about the nature of reality acquired  by the Jewish mystics during their spiritual experiences and passed down through the ages.

They provide us with deep insight into our own nature through the description of the five levels of the soul, and a profound understanding of the energies that flow through the universe and our own being— the tremendous spiritual forces contained within the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the creative power of the feminine divine presence, the Shekhinah.

The Shekhinah energy is the catalyst for mystical experience

Key video from Rav Glick about the Shekhinah energy, the kundalini, the divine feminine, and its ability to awaken the fire in one's soul.


Recognizing the Divine

The Divine Spark is in everyone. The Divine Flame brings a lightness and grace into our lives, a fire into our living. The difference between spark and flame is often as simple as asking the Divine for help.  This mantra reminds us that the Divine is not in a far-off place or temple, but all around us—in the holy space where we are right now.

ve'al roshi Shekhinat-El
Shekhinah Mantra

At a time everyone claims to be an instant expert, a pundit, a coach, or an influencer …

Savor the sweet taste of ancient wisdom.

Start Your Journey

Cherryne, USA

I have been studying Jewish mysticism with Rabbi Glick for more than three years now. It has been transformative. My inner landscape has changed and my meditations have deepened. Studying with the rabbi has brought together my spiritual tapestry of yoga and Judaism which I have been on a journey for most of my adult life.  


Marc, CT, USA

"One thing that stays close to me at all times is the Shekhinah mantra.  It's just four Hebrew words that express the reality that the Divine Spirit is always close at hand. Chanting the mantra calms me, it elevates me, it focuses me. It's the difference between slogging through my day and living an elevated life. I am grateful to have received it."

On one level, the Kabbalah is a body of knowledge that can be learned like any other.

On a deeper level, the wisdom of the Kabbalah needs to be experienced if we are to grasp its timeless truths.


This is the work we do at Da'at Elyon.

What to expect in a Da'at Elyon class

We begin always with a short meditation. This expands our consciousness, opens our hearts, and prepares us to receive the teaching.

Then Rav Glick delivers a few points about the topic at hand, bringing together Jewish text study and observations from our Eastern sages.

We stop for a breakout session, because chevruta (learning with others) is the classic way of Jewish learning.

We discuss highlights, have some more teaching. We end the 90 minute session with a meditation.

We encourage everyone to record their experiences, challenges, and successes in a spiritual journal every week.

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