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Our Spiritual Academy offers a wide spectrum of courses that create a comprehensive program of study and practice to guide you through the stages of your personal journey. Start your personal transformation with From Brokenness to Wholeness and the live community meditations. New courses -- live and recorded -- will be added throughout 2024 and 2025.

6 courses26 series120 sessions

Foundation Course Available Now

The Da'at Elyon Personal Transformation Course, From Brokenness to Wholeness, is fundamental to understanding ourselves and to knowledge of the reality of the higher worlds.  It's a great starting point available at no additional cost to members. 

See below for new courses that will be added at no additional cost to members.

Live Webinar Available Now

The Da'at Elyon Live course,  Sefirot: Backbone of the Universepresents an innovative and experiential approach to the sefirot or energy centers that form the backbone of the universe and of the little universe which is a human being.

The course is available to members at a discount.


From Brokenness to Wholeness

7 series30 sessions

Daat Elyon's Featured Membership Course

Engage in the work of personal transformation using teachings and practices from the Kabbalah and the wider Jewish tradition

Series One: Cosmic Shattering & Repair

looks at how the Ari's concept transforms our understanding of reality and our place in this world 

Series Two: The Path to Self-Awareness

learn how to see yourself with clarity and heal your soul

Series Three: The Work of Healing & Repair

Explore strategies for turning your brokenness into wholeness & peace

Series Four: We are Divine Sparks

Awaken the divine spark within you and become your true self

Series Five: Fragments of Eternal Truth

Discover the eternal truth at the core of your being and reveal it to the world

Series Six: Everyone is a Divine Spark

live a life that honors and nurtures the divine in every human being

Series Seven: Everything is Divine

look beyond external appearances to perceive that the whole world is filled with Divine Glory

Backbone of the Universe

1 series5 sessions

Da'at Elyon's Live Course

This series explores the structure of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life—the backbone of the universe.

It delves into the nature of the ten sefirot, the energy centers that form its essential components, and teaches you how to tap into the sefirotic forces within our subtle bodies.

Discover how to harness these divine energies to uplift and transform yourself and your world.

To join this course in progress, click here.

Lectures, text study, special meditations, and rabbinic guidance on difficult questions

In 2024 and 2025, new courses will be added to the library of study materials available at no additional cost to members. These courses have been part of the live Da'at Elyon online community for three years, and are being edited to make them more useful for online study in an exciting new format.

Can't wait? You can purchase the recorded sessions in their original format on our online platform. 


Soul Adventures

3 series12 sessions

Future Membership Course

The human soul is a multi-leveled being that holds the finite and the infinite within its awareness

Series One: Nuts and Bolts

explore the nuts and bolts of soul consciousness and the unique capacities of the human spirit

Series Two: Soul Evolution

explore the Jewish understanding of the soul’s journey and the dynamics of human spiritual evolution

Series Three: Continuing Journey

explore the larger reality of our continuing journey as souls and as human beings in this world and in the higher realms  

One Reality

3 series14 sessions

Future Membership Course

One Reality explores the nature of the Divine Countenances or Partzufim Who strive to bring the whole universe into a state of harmony and balance on the individual, collective, and cosmic levels

Series One: Everything is Interconnected

learn how we harness the power of our interconnectedness to fulfill the work of universal redemption and repair

Series Two: Building a Universe of Harmony and Balance

develop tools that will create harmony in your own being, in the world around you, and in the flow of the days of your life

Series Three: All is One

delve into the place of good and evil in the Divine Reality. Tap into the oneness that is the substratum of all life 

Awakening to the Higher Awareness

 5 series26 sessions

Future Membership Course
Rav Yoel guides you through all the stages of the meditation process and shows you how to build an inner pathway in consciousness and become truly alive.
Series One: Your Daily Practice
preparation, intention, and forging a connection
Series Two: Stilling the Mind & Visualization 
quiet the mind and build spiritually potent images
Series Three: Concentration, Mantra & Contemplation
create focused beams of energy, spiritually potent phrases, and mind-expanding concepts 
Series Four: The Larger Picture
bring meditation into your day-to-day existence and infuse your life with divine awareness
Series Five: Broader Meditation Issues
understand the inner dynamics of meditation—how your individual practice uplifts the whole world    

Between Heaven and Earth

7 series33 sessions

Future Membership Course
This course examines the evolution of human consciousness through the working of the Shekhinah or Kundalini energy, the awakening of the Messianic consciousness, and the creation of sacred space
Series One: The Shekhinah Energy
see this creative force working around you & harness its power in your own being
Series Two: The Soul of the Shekhinah
discover the key role of this unique Soul in the spiritual life of humanity
Series Three: Sacred Space
build a sacred space and anchor the Divine Presence in the world
Series Four: The Descent of the Divine 
learn how the Divine Will descends through the four supernal realms into our physical reality
Series Five: A Religion of Hope
Hope is at the heart of the Jewish traditionfrom the Kabbalah to our modern state
Series Six: Elijah
Elijah initiates the transformation in human consciousness that will uplift our world
Series Seven: The Messianic Consciousness
Understand the global transformation that is the advent of the Messiah and the steps we can take to help shepherd in this new era

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