Jewish Meditation is a Lost Art of Repair and Growth

Meditation is more than a calming practice of breath control. It is a vehicle with the power to transform and heal.

For millennia, Jewish meditation techniques were powerful ways to connect to the Divine, but they are rarely taught today.

Using a God-centered meditation, we give ourselves the strength to pull away from the noise and material mindset of the world, free to directly connect with the Divine. In this way we seek to become a conscious instrument for the Divine.  

Why should you meditate?

Meditation shifts your view of yourself and the world. It connects you to the peace and calm within you. Meditation can transform your life.


What to expect in Jewish meditation

A strong line connects most meditation techniques, whether Jewish, Eastern or New Age. A quiet place, a comfortable position, and simple breath control are the foundations. From there, Jewish meditation uses imagery from the tradition and the understanding of the Kabbalistic "Tree of Life" to guide our consciousness directly to the Divine. No prior knowledge of meditation, Hebrew, theology, or Kabbalah is necessary.

When the world does not deliver on its promises ...

Look deep within

Start Your Journey

Sheri, NC, USA

“You feel different when you access things through the soul. All of that fear, anger, or frustration moves away.  When you see things through the soul you can access more of the peace, and joy, and awe and wonder—all of the things tied to the Divine.”

Anat, Israel

"Meditation is an important part of my daily routine now. Thanks to Rabbi Yoel and Da'at Elyon my life is more spiritual and meaningful."

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