Journey Inward: Experience the Power of Jewish Meditation

Embark on a Path of Spiritual Discovery and Inner Harmony

Through the Art of Jewish Meditation

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Spiritual Connection Renewed
Tranquil Mind, Serene Heart
Holistic Meditation Practices

Da'at Elyon offers bi-monthly online meditations on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

7-8 pm Israel

12-1 pm New York

9-10 am Los Angeles

5-6 pm London

What People Say About The Meditations:

 “You feel different when you access things through the soul. All of that fear, anger, or frustration moves away. When you see things through the soul you can access more of the peace, and joy, and awe and wonder—all of the things tied to the Divine.”

Sheri, NC, USA

 “Meditation is an important part of my daily routine now. Thanks to Rabbi Yoel and Da'at Elyon my life is more spiritual and meaningful."

Anat, Israel

The Da'at Elyon Meditation Experience

Embark on a transformative journey with Da'at Elyon's Meditations, where we seamlessly blend Higher Knowledge with the essence of spiritual community.

Beyond a mere group, we provide a nurturing space—a Place and Home—for your exploration into the profound realms of Jewish meditation. Immerse yourself in opportunities to share, meditate, and unravel the depths of your being, guided by our free meditation resources.

Tailored to your schedule, our offerings invite you to join a journey of transformation and connection. Immerse yourself in the enriching embrace of Da'at Elyon's Meditations, unlocking the power of Jewish meditation for inner peace and spiritual growth.

Attend The Meditation Sessions