Together, we're Da'at Elyon.

The world wants us to pay attention to the newest tech, the latest controversy, the grooviest celebrity. What do we sacrifice when we give these things our attention? Da'at Elyon. It is Higher Knowledge, an awareness of God's presence in the world. Connecting with Da'at Elyon brings contentment and connection, excitement and power.

Neither a synagogue nor a congregation, Da'at Elyon is a Place, a Home, and some Time

A Place

A place to share your joys and sorrows, your hopes and fears, your triumphs and failures.

A place to meditate and pray, to study and discuss—to dance and sing!

A place to delve into your inner being.

A place to discover who you really are.

A place where everyone can find and experience God\the Divine in their own way.

A Home

A home for those who are searching for meaning and purpose.

A home for those looking for spiritual community and companionship.

A home for those who are seeking peace of mind.

Some Time for You

Join us for an hour, a day, and week, a month, or a year.

Engage with our courses;

Taste the sweet joy of our chants;

The deep dive of our meditations;

The profound insights and wisdom of our teachings.

Daat Elyon offers 100% spiritual wisdom — 

0% someone telling you how to live your life.

As the world becomes more broken and fractured  … 


Transform yourself, so you can repair the world. Join us for meditation and contemplative prayer, textual study and discussion, personal dialogues and sharings. 


Transform Your Life

Why I founded Da'at Elyon


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