Rav Yoel: A Lifetime of Spiritual Growth and Teaching

I left Canada, my native home, to set out on my spiritual quest when I was a young man. My journey has taken me across North America and on to Israel, Europe, and India. Spiritual places have called me; spiritual teachers have enlarged me; spiritual practices have strengthened me. But it is seekers who give me hope.

"Appoint for yourself a teacher (Rav)..."

The ancient wisdom of Pirkei Avot (Chapter 1; Mishnah 6) gives us three ways to seek happiness in this world. The first is to select for yourself a teacher, a rav, to guide you.

On Brokenness

Most everyone experiences brokenness. The world is not what it could be, our relationships are not what we want them to be, and our actions fall short of own and others' expectations. 

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Twice-weekly guided meditations by Rav Yoel help each member grow in their ability to connect with the Divine and keep that connection

Your teacher

Whether answering questions after meditation sessions, or designing new courses, Rav Yoel provides the background and direction seekers need.

Your counselor

Rav Yoel is available for 1:1 counseling sessions with special arrangements. These can be pastoral or topical.

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Praise for Rav Yoel's Books 

Praise for "Living the Life of Jewish Meditation"

“Rabbi Yoel Glick opens doors in our soul that connect us to the power and beauty of the Jewish tradition and the wider expanses and all-embracing love of a universal vision. His book offers clear practical guidance, profound experiential insights, and a whole range of inspiring practices to nurture the inner life of any spiritual seeker.”

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, author, Davening: A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Prayer

Praise for "Seeking the Divine Presence"


"Rabbi Yoel Glick is pointing the way toward the future with a Judaism that is faithful to its spiritual roots while seeking its place in the emerging universal consciousness."

Yossi Klein Halevi, author, Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor

Universal Voice of the Mystic

"Rabbi Yoel has harmonized the three pillars of Jewish spiritual life with aspects of other spiritual traditions in the East and the West. Resonating with the voice of the Eternal, this work shows how mystics of all religions express the same truth in different languages, and how people can enjoy peace, bliss, and harmony by practicing true religion. This book provides true spiritual therapy for this cynical age."

Swami Chetanananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna Order and minister of Vedanta Society of St. Louis, USA, author of “How to Live with God” – In the Company of Sri Ramakrishna


"In a generation threatened by so much spiritual exploitation it is rare to see such responsibility and integrity in a Teacher. The ability to translate the highest and most complex esoteric wisdom into soul-bites that can be comprehended by all is a divine gift. Rabbi Yoel Glick has been gifted this gift and his teachings will draw you to be your highest self and connect to your ultimate truth." 

Dr. Rabbi Mimi Feigelson, Spiritual Director (Mashpia Ruchani), Schechter Institutes


Praise for "Walking the Path of the Jewish Mystic"

"Rabbi Yoel Glick leads us through the complexities of the historical Kabbalah with extraordinary adeptness. Referencing other profound spiritual teachings, he brings new light to an ancient wisdom."

Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD, co-author, Finding Peace Through Spiritual Practices