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We Seek Seekers, Not Subscribers

The members of the Da'at Elyon community share moments that matter with one another. We study together, meditate together, and God willing, will soon give each other the hugs we've been missing. Our intentions, our emotions, and our dedication to seeking the Divine Presence energize Da'at Elyon and one another; each week, every day, everyone matters. 

Partners in Chevruta

Each lesson gives us an opportunity to share our true hearts in groups of two or three. 

Making a global community vibrate 

We did the pandemic pivot to a global community and it has been amazing!

Finally, let's get together

Coming soon: we're bringing back retreats, sharing holidays, and other ways to celebrate.

Excitement, not expectations

When you sign on to Da'at Elyon, you remain always the master of your journey.

If you have social media “friends and followers,” but still feel lonely … 

Find a home to share your experience, your strivings, your aspirations, spiritual life, joys and sorrows.

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